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Policies & Procedures

We’d like invite you take a quick look through our Policies & Procedures for an overview of what we’re about and how we operate. We hope this brief detour will provide some valuable insight into our services and pave the path towards successful collaboration between us both! Thanks again for stopping by!

Orange Avenue Media Co. offers a seamless, secure online billing experience! Get up-to-the-minute updates on your invoices and payments conveniently through our client portal. All billing transactions are made online.

Updating Account Information
To maintain quality communications, Orange Avenue Media Co. strongly encourages customers to keep their account information up-to-date in our Client Portal ( Changes such as contact names, addresses, phone numbers and especially your email address will ensure that notices from us arrive with no disruption of service due to outdated accounts. So don’t forget – check your info regularly!

Collection Procedures
Overdue accounts will be reminded via email of the need for payment. After 3 days, a minimum late fee and interruption in service may occur with further delay leading to collections. To reinstate services, an additional fee may apply. Timely payments are encouraged in order to avoid these penalty fees!
If your account is more than 10 days past due and unpaid, we are obligated to remove all of your data from our servers. We may also report this delinquency to a credit bureau. In order to recover any costs associated with legal remedies or collection fees, you will be required to pay an additional processing fee of $200 in addition the balance that is owed.

Payments made by Credit Card
To keep services running smoothly, Orange Avenue Media Co. requires that you maintain updated payment information on file – this will ensure seamless billing each month! Charges are made at the time of setup for new services and recurring charges continue to be applied monthly thereafter; all dedicated servers incur automatic renewal fees around the date they were initially ordered. Please note: any credit card declines may lead to service suspension with a $25 reactivation fee plus additional late penalty added onto account balances due in these scenarios.

Disk Usage
If your website takes up more disk space than your plan allows, Orange Avenue Media Co. has you covered! To keep things simple and stress-free, we provide additional storage increments of 5GB at a friendly rate – only $0.50 (fifty cents) per Gigabyte. To avoid any unpleasant surprises or last-minute issues with insufficient disk usage, we will send notifications to the email address listed in your client portal when 80% utilization thresholds are reached so that you have plenty of time to upgrade accordingly.

Billing Cycle
At Orange Avenue Media Co., we make paying for your services easier and more convenient. No matter what payment cycle you have – quarterly, semi-annually or annually – each billing period will begin on the first day of every month. For most plans, there is pro-rated pricing when beginning new services; however exceptions may apply depending on which plan best meets your needs. If any questions arise regarding billing information please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket to us via our online system while keeping up with account status in real time by utilizing our Client Portal!

Data Transfer
For the vast majority of customers, Orange Avenue Media Co. provides more than enough data transfer each month – however for those occasions when additional bandwidth is needed on top of what’s already included in your package, an extra charge may apply at only $0.50 per GB! Additionally, dedicated hosting packages are available to meet any special needs or requirements you might have with regards to usage and transfer allowance.

Upgrade Policy
If you upgrade, your next statement will reflect the difference between what you are currently paying and the price for your new service plan.

Support Policy
Orange Avenue Media Co. provides complimentary technical support with many of their products and services, however this is not the case for self managed dedicated servers. Should any customer require additional assistance, they will be subject to applicable fees that can be charged without warning in instances where policy violations are identified by Orange Avenue Media Co.. The company reserves its right to make a final determination on all matters related to these rules.

Late Fee
If payment is overdue on your account, reactivation may be possible – however a late fee and $25 re-connection charge will apply. Log in online to review the total amount and get up to speed with reinstating service!

Canceling Your Account

Ready to say goodbye? Canceling additional services in your Orange Ave Media account is easy – all you have to do is log into your client portal and fill out our streamlined cancellation request form. Remember that to avoid being charged for upcoming billing cycles, submit your closure request ten days before the due date.

Acceptable Use Policy
Orange Avenue Media Co. recognizes the importance of providing all users with a safe and secure network environment. Our Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) specifies specific actions prohibited by Orange Avenue Media Co. for users of its Network. Orange Avenue Media Co. reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time to comply with any laws, regulations, and security requirements. By using Orange Avenue Media Co. services, any customer, employee, or third party unconditionally accepts the terms of this Policy.

Illegal Use
Orange Avenue Media Co.’s Network is a trusted platform that may only be used for lawful purposes. Unlawful transmission, distribution, or storage of any material coming to and from unauthorized networks is strictly forbidden.This includes, without limitation, material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorization; government and military data protected by law and national security; university and academic data protected by public policy; and material that, in Orange Avenue Media Co.’s sole discretion, is obscene, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat, facilitates identity theft or other fraud, or violates export control laws. Any violation of the above, which compromises the integrity of the Orange Avenue Media Co. Hosting Network or any other network, is strictly prohibited.

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